When in search of a way to enhance your employees’ workday, customers’ or clients’ visits, or other people’s experiences in your establishment, you may consider adding vending machines to your building. While you may think that this is a pricey element to fit into your budget, we are here to tell you that you can get these machines from Trend Vend Sydney completely free along with the stock inside of them. All you pay for are the products that sell. Below, you will discover all of the benefits of free-installed and free-supplied vending machines.

You Receive the Vending Machines without Any Upfront Costs

We provide our vending machines to you at no upfront costs. There are no hidden terms either that you will be surprised by later on in your agreement with us. Also, our machines contain the latest in technology as far as payment and delivery are concerned.

All of the Products That You Select for Your Machines Are Supplied Free

Our vending machines come with your choice of products at no cost. Whether you select drinks, snacks, ready meals or healthy alternative products to suit special preferences and needs, we will supply them to you.

You Pay Only for the Products as They Sell

Our company requires payment only for the products as they sell. This is figured on a regular basis as per your agreement with us.

Refilling and Maintenance Services Are Free

Trend Vend sends uniformed service teams to refill our machines as well as maintain them. If the machines are not working correctly, they locate and repair the problem, or replace the machine at no cost to you.

Exchange of Stock to Offer New Items Is Easy and Free

When you discover that certain products are not selling, you can request that they be exchanged for new ones. We will offer you different products again without cost. The reason we do this is that we want you to be satisfied with our machines and services all throughout the year.

Trend Vend Vending Machines Come in Different Sizes and Configurations

To ensure that you can include one of our machines in your establishment, regardless of your available space, our machines come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. We will advise you on which machines are ideal for your business, preferences and even number of employees, customers or clients, and visitors.

Contact us at your convenience to learn more about the benefits of our free-installed and free-supplied vending machines. Please, allow us to help you enhance the experience of all who enter your establishment.