Procurement of the Right Vending Machine Service: What You Need to Know

Procurement of the Right Vending Machine Service: What You Need to Know

When your goal is to hire a vending machine company to provide you with the machines and products that you will require to offer your employees and/or visitors convenient access to snacks, beverages and ready meals, you need to be certain to select the right company. Today, companies are offering a wide array of plans to try to snag your business. It is easy to sign up for one that may not be the best out there if you fail to perform adequate research beforehand. For this reason, we explain what you need to know about the procurement of the right vending machine service for your needs in the following facts.

Choose a Company That Provides Vending Machines and Products at No Upfront Costs

A reputable company will provide its vending machines and products to you at no upfront costs. Its goal will be for you to fully use their machines and products to please your employees and/or visitors, and not to profit off these elements before you even have sold the products inside the machines. Also, the company needs to offer you a wide assortment of sizes and configurations in machines from which for you to make your selection.

You Should Only Pay for What You Sell

The only time you need to pay for vending products is after you sell them. Also, the vending company should allow you to exchange non-sellers for other products upon request.

Installation Should Be Free

Installation and the initial fill of the vending machine needs to be free. You should never have to risk your money before you receive beneficial results.

All Maintenance and Refill Services Need to Be Free

Other benefits that the vending machine company should offer you are free maintenance and refill services throughout the entire time that you use its machines. Both services need to be delivered at scheduled visits and whenever else that you require them.

Vending Machines Should Include the Latest Pay Options

Today, vending machines need to include the latest pay options, such as notes, coins, remote monitoring systems and credit cards. With these payment options, you can please a larger target audience than if the vending machines only accept coins. Not everyone carries coins with them on a daily basis.

Environmentally Friendly Vending Machines Are a Must

One last point that you need to look for in a vending machine service is whether or not its vending machines are environmentally friendly. They should use non-toxic coolant, if applicable, and operate in an energy-efficient manner.

For further facts about the procurement of the right vending machine service for your company, consult with Trend Vend Sydney. We specialise in vending machines and their products, and provide you with all of the above services and benefits along with others. Our company strives to make your experience with our machines and products as stress-free and profitable as possible.


Snack Vending Machines: Trend Vend Sydney Gives You the Best Choices of Healthy Snacks

Snack  Vending  Machines: Trend Vend  Sydney  Gives  You  the Best  Choices  of   Healthy  Snack

Vending machines have long been a convenient source for beverages, snacks and other edibles for people to re-energise their bodies with throughout the day. While these machines used to carry only junk food as snacks and beverages, many of them offer healthier alternatives today. When in search of the ideal choices in healthy vending machine snacks and drinks, Trend Vend Sydney provides the best ones in comparison to the competition.

Our Clients Select the Type of Products That Fit Their Needs in a Suitable Fashion

Trend Vend allows you to choose the exact products that you want to offer your customers or clients, employees and others who use your vending machines. By doing this, we ensure that your products will sell more effectively.

We Offer a Wide Assortment of Healthier Snack Alternatives

Regardless of which type of healthier snack alternatives that you are in search of to stock your vending machines with, we have you covered. Our company only offers top-quality brands to ensure your satisfaction. We understand that people have a wide range of needs and preferences today, so we provide choices that include:

  • Gluten-free snacks
  • Snacks with no preservatives
  • MSG-free options
  • Certain selections also are free from artificial flavours and/or artificial colours
  • Cholesterol-free choices also are available
  • Snacks that are free of trans fat are another possibility
  • Water, sports drinks and fruit juices are healthier beverage options to take the place of sodas
Trend Vend Provides Different Styles of Machines

If you are new to offering vending machines and concerned that you do not have sufficient space, Trend Vend offers different styles of vending machines, including space-saving ones. These require only a minimum of floor space.

You Receive Free Machines Along With Free Maintenance and Refill Services from Our Company

Trend Vend not only provides free vending machines to you, but we also provide free maintenance and refill services the entire time that you use our machines. We believe in the hassle-free approach to reaping the benefits from providing vending machines in your establishment.

You Never Pay Until Products Sell

Another advantage when dealing with our company is that you never pay for your vending products until they sell. Also, if you have products that do not sell well, we will replace them with ones that move better for you. You are always in control of which products of ours that you wish to carry in your machines.

Contact our company for further information about our machines, products and terms. Also, feel free to browse through our website if you require additional facts before contacting us.


Top Technological Trends in Vending Machines

Top Technological Trends in Vending Machines

Advances in digital technology have helped numerous industries become more prosperous, including the vending machine industry. Today, there are more brands of these machines than ever before. Modern vending machines are much different than those that we grew up with since they include high-quality, innovative features, such as management software that is controlled by the use of remote devices. Also, these machines provide more than just the snacks and sugary beverages of years ago with offerings that include sodas, snacks, ready meals, fruit juices and gluten-free foods. You can even fully customise your vending machines to suit your unique needs. The following are the main technologies that help increase the pleasure of using these machines:

1. Energy-Efficient Operation

Today, vending machine manufacturers understand that their clients need energy-efficient machines in order to keep their power consumption and bills as low as possible. They accomplish this in a quality manner with the inclusion of airtight doors and vacuum-insulating materials, both of which help the machines maintain a proper temperature at all times without using an excess of electricity.

2. Mobile and Cashless Payment Options

The digital age has enabled manufacturers of vending machines to add the convenience of mobile and cashless payment options for the machines. Not only can people use their debit or credit cards to make a purchase, they also can use the mobile options, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet to buy from a vending machine.

3. Smooth AI Interaction

Customised, futuristic vending machines are here, thanks to their ability to smoothly interact with artificial intelligence or AI and smartphones. They report real-time information over a mobile app that contains AI. This information includes in-depth inventory options, customer preferences and other facts that help the vending machine providers compete successfully with their promotional efforts.

4. The Addition of Smart Screens

With the addition of smart screens on the vending machines, people can access product information easily. They only need to touch the smart screens to activate their various commands to help them select the exact products in an accurate, efficient manner.

5. Built-In Stock Management Support

These smart vending machines also regulate a great deal of data and the product inventory. They help watch over the stock of beverages, snacks or other products in the machines. In fact, these machines are so smart that they can make intelligent inventory decisions without the help of humans in order to update the owners on the status of their present stock. As a result, the owner can make informed decisions about how to refill their products. On top of all of this, these machines monitor their inner workings to ensure that owner understand their operational status.

For further information about these top technological trends in vending machines, consult with our company, Trend Vend Sydney. We are a quality supplier of vending machines and products, and you never pay upfront costs for our plans. You pay only for the items that sell. Also, we provide free ongoing maintenance and refill services the entire length of time that you use our vending machines.


The Importance of Monitoring Food Expiration Dates in Vending Machines

The Importance of Monitoring Food Expiration Dates in Vending Machines

Vending machines offer convenient access to snacks, beverages and other food items to people in businesses and other locations. With this being said, you should be careful on which company that you choose to do business with for these machines. Not all of them are diligent about caring for and refilling your machines on a regular schedule. If you wind up with the wrong company, you also will have food in your vending machines beyond their expiration dates constantly, which will lead to dissatisfaction in those who you are trying to serve with these machines. In the following details, we share numerous reasons why it is important to monitor food expiration dates in vending machines closely.

Vending Foods Can Become Stale after Their Expiration Dates

While certain foods will not show staleness immediately upon reaching their expiration dates, others will do so quickly. In any event, all the foods will lose their ideal freshness, regardless of their nature once they are expired. Some foods may spoil after their expiration dates, and this can cause health issues for those who eat them without taking heed of their expiration dates. Flavours also can change in expired foods. For example, chocolate can develop a metallic flavour as it ages.

People Will Quit Buying From the Vending Machines

Another reason to monitor food expiration dates in vending machines closely is that people will stop purchasing any vending items otherwise. As a result, your will lose any profits that you could have made from the vending machines. After all, no one wants to consume stale and/or spoiled vending foods.

Trying to Sell Expired Foods Can Negatively Affect Your Establishment’s Reputation and Image

Loss of vending machine profits is not the only issue that you can face by failing to monitor food expiration dates in your vending machines. Your establishment’s reputation also can suffer. People will form the opinion that you just do not care enough to take care of their needs by offering them quality vending machine products. They also may fear that you run the rest of your business or organization in the same fashion.

Your Overall Profits Also May Decline

Not only may your vending profits decline, but your overall profits also could decline as a result of your failure to monitor the food expiration dates of your vending products for all of the reasons that we state above. Do not let this happen to you.

For further details about the importance of monitoring food expiration dates in vending machines, consult with Trend Vend. We specialise in offering high-quality vending machines, products, and maintenance and refill services in such a way that they are no risk to you. Also, we strive to catch all of the products before their expiration dates to prevent any unwanted issues.


The Importance of Public Liability Insurance for Vending Machines

The Importance of Public Liability Insurance for Vending Machines

Even though today’s modern vending machines are much safer than those of years ago, things can still go wrong that may result in injury for those using the machines. If this happens to you, the injured party may sue and this could cost you legal fees and settlement fees. You can prevent this type of action, though, by dealing only with a vending machine company that also provides public liability insurance with all of their machines. Also, this type of insurance can cover your building and property in case of damage.

What Is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability or PL insurance is a special insurance that covers you in case of injury to any other person due to an accident on your property. With this type of insurance, it would pay for the person’s medical bills, and a pain and suffering reward instead of both coming out of your pocket. The injured party only needs to file a claim with your insurance to receive a settlement. When you are sufficiently covered, there is no need for a lawsuit to receive reciprocation. Also, it can protect your own property if it incurs damage.

Why Is This Insurance Coverage Important With Vending Machines?

The best of vending machines malfunction occasionally when people try to buy products. These malfunctions may cause a user to try to reach into the machine a bit further than he or she should to attempt to retrieve a product. This action may result in a hand or arm being injured. Another example would be an electrical charge during a storm may zap a user in severe cases. Electric shock at times can result in injury.

Public Liability Insurance Can Cover Your Property in Case of Damage

One example of damage your property may incur is when the vending machines are moved into place, the floor suffers scratching or tearing depending upon the material of it. You make a claim with the insurance company to repair the floor for you.

Deal Only With a Vending Machine Company That Provides Public Liability Insurance

PL insurance should be a part of the vending machine company’s plan to ensure that you are protected at all times while you use its machines. This shows that the company cares about you having a pleasurable, hassle-free experience with its machines.

To learn additional facts about the importance of public liability insurance for vending machines, turn to our company, Trend Vend Sydney. We provide this type of insurance coverage to all who use our machines.


The Benefits of Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Vending Machines

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Vending Machines

When you install eco-friendly, energy-efficient vending machines in your establishment, you can offer employees, guests, and customers or clients a wide assortment of products without negating your environmental policy. Here at Trend Vend Sydney, these are the only machines that we provide to our clients for this reason. Our machines provide all the benefits of the traditional machines for vending while offering you the latest in technology in payment methods and energy-efficiency that helps protect the Earth in your own individual way.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Vending Machines Utilise LED Lighting

Our machines use LED lighting to illuminate the products with just the right amount of light. This lighting lasts a long time and costs much less to operate than other types of bulbs in vending machines do each day.

The Mechanics of Our Machines Operate in an Energy-Conserving Manner

Along with the lighting conserving energy, the mechanics of the machines that provide delivery functionality and refrigeration also do the same. Also, the refrigeration components use environmentally safe refrigerants unlike the vending machines of years ago.

Your Energy Bills Will Not Skyrocket With Our Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Vending Machines

Due to the above two factors, when you install our vending machines in your establishment, your energy bills will not overly increase since they operate in an energy-conserving fashion. As a result, your profits from the sale of the products inside of them will not just go to pay your energy bills.

Users of the Vending Machines Will Appreciate Your Eco-Conscious Commitment

Since the machines have energy ratings on them, the people that use them will be thankful for your commitment to protect the environment. A benefit such as this may even encourage more patronage from clients or customers and visitors along with your employees. Your vending machines from our company could be quite profitable as a result of this.

You Receive Our Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Vending Machines Free

Remember on top of all of the above benefits, our environmentally responsible vending machines are free to you along with any products. You only pay for items if they sell. Our company also provides any maintenance and refilling that are necessary at no cost. With our wide assortment of products, you can even please people with special needs and preferences, such as gluten-free snacks. If you are concerned that the vending machines will take up a lot of space, though, we do offer space-saving models that take up a minimum of floor space.

Meet with us at your convenience to learn additional facts about the benefits of our eco-friendly and energy-efficient vending machines along with other pertinent information. Allow us to help you enhance the experience of your visitors, clients or customers, or employees while they are in your establishment.


The benefits of Free Supplied Vending Machines

When in search of a way to enhance your employees’ workday, customers’ or clients’ visits, or other people’s experiences in your establishment, you may consider adding vending machines to your building. While you may think that this is a pricey element to fit into your budget, we are here to tell you that you can get these machines from Trend Vend Sydney completely free along with the stock inside of them. All you pay for are the products that sell. Below, you will discover all of the benefits of free-installed and free-supplied vending machines.

You Receive the Vending Machines without Any Upfront Costs

We provide our vending machines to you at no upfront costs. There are no hidden terms either that you will be surprised by later on in your agreement with us. Also, our machines contain the latest in technology as far as payment and delivery are concerned.

All of the Products That You Select for Your Machines Are Supplied Free

Our vending machines come with your choice of products at no cost. Whether you select drinks, snacks, ready meals or healthy alternative products to suit special preferences and needs, we will supply them to you.

You Pay Only for the Products as They Sell

Our company requires payment only for the products as they sell. This is figured on a regular basis as per your agreement with us.

Refilling and Maintenance Services Are Free

Trend Vend sends uniformed service teams to refill our machines as well as maintain them. If the machines are not working correctly, they locate and repair the problem, or replace the machine at no cost to you.

Exchange of Stock to Offer New Items Is Easy and Free

When you discover that certain products are not selling, you can request that they be exchanged for new ones. We will offer you different products again without cost. The reason we do this is that we want you to be satisfied with our machines and services all throughout the year.

Trend Vend Vending Machines Come in Different Sizes and Configurations

To ensure that you can include one of our machines in your establishment, regardless of your available space, our machines come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. We will advise you on which machines are ideal for your business, preferences and even number of employees, customers or clients, and visitors.

Contact us at your convenience to learn more about the benefits of our free-installed and free-supplied vending machines. Please, allow us to help you enhance the experience of all who enter your establishment.


Health Foods Can Change Bad Impressions about Vending Machines

Health Foods Can Change Bad Impressions about Vending Machines

Over the years, vending machines have had the bad reputation of offering non-nutritious foods and drinks. Today, though, things are changing since many clients are requesting the inclusion of health foods in their machines instead of the unhealthy ones that create negative body disorders and issues, such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. You can now include fruit juices, water and other healthy beverages along with ready meals and other specialty foods in your machines to offer to your visitors, clients or customers, and workers.

Ready Meals Provide a Quick Meal

Upon request, vending machines can offer ready meals for a quick meal for your workers, clients or customers, or visitors. They just need to heat them for a few minutes in a microwave that you provide them in a break room or lounge area. Your workers will definitely appreciate this offering since they will not need to leave the premises to purchase other food for their meals.

Healthy Beverages Are an Ideal Way to Keep Hydrated

Instead of the traditional sodas, you can now include healthy beverages such as water, juices and more in your vending machine selection. These beverages are an ideal way to keep the body hydrated without loading up on unhealthy ingredients such as sugar.

Snack Alternatives Address Certain Needs or Preferences

People have a wider range of needs and/or preferences in years past and this must be addressed with the inclusion of healthy snack alternatives that are free of certain ingredients, including:

  • Gluten causes certain people digestive issues either because they are sensitive or suffer from Celiac disease. These individuals must try to eat only gluten-free snacks when they eat in between meals. For this reason, you should include them in your vending machines.
  • Many people prefer for one reason or the other to avoid MSG, artificial colours and flavours, preservatives, Trans fat and cholesterol in their snacks. Healthy alternatives are available for vending machines that are free of these ingredients.

To learn how Trend Vend Sydney helps to change the bad impression about vending machines with the inclusion of healthy foods, contact us at your convenience. We will meet with you to discuss your preferences and needs before providing you with vending machines and products with no upfront charge. You pay for the products you sell on a periodic basis. Our company refills and maintains your machines as part of our agreement with you. If you wish to change your offerings, you only need to ask and we will provide a different product assortment for you.


Environmentally Friendly Vending Machines: Why Choose Them?

Environmentally Friendly Vending Machines: Why Choose Them?

There are many benefits of having a vending machine at your workplace. They add a convenient way for employees to quench their thirst with water, tea, coffee, juice or sodas, or satisfy their hunger with snacks like sweets, chocolate, nuts, fruits, and many others food type items.

While these machines are convenient, they have come a long way in terms of technology, being able to accept not only coins, cash, and pay cards, they also have advanced product sensor delivery systems that make sure that each item is dispensed every time.

However, as convenient as vending machine are, most are definitely not energy efficient, or environmentally friendly because they are lit up like a Christmas tree and consume a lot of energy. Energy efficient vending machines are now becoming the new standard, utilising LED lighting, with more focus being put towards making vending machines environmentally friendly as well as energy efficient.

Any business would benefit by saving money using energy efficient, environmentally friendly vending machines.
Why Choose Environmentally Friendly Vending Machines?

Vending machines that are more energy efficient are definitely friendly to the environment, such machines are specially designed to help contain cool air in and keep warm air out by using triple-pane glass, instead of single-pane glass. Triple-pane glass cost more, but provides much better thermal performance and significantly reduces vending machines’ energy consumption.

Better insulation of vending machine also helps to save energy, and it improves overall efficiency. Also, they can be programmed to cool products during off-peak times, typically during night hours, instead of during the day when energy consumption rates are more expensive.

In summary, choosing to use environmentally friendly vending machines for your workplace just makes sense. That is because when you save money off energy usage, you are actually helping to keep the planet cleaner and greener. More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that there is a direct connection between the amount of energy used and the health of the environment.

Consuming less electricity reduces the amount of toxic fumes and pollution generated by power plants. This also lowers the demand for oil and coal, which will help to protect ecosystems from destruction as corporation seek to extract these natural resources.

Basically, just by choosing to use environmentally friendly vending machines and limiting the use of electricity, companies and individuals can help contribute to a healthier, cleaner and greener world.


Regular Cycle for Refilling and Vending Machine Maintenance: Why Does it Matter?

Regular Cycle for Refilling and Vending Machine Maintenance: Why Does it Matter?

Vending machines today provide easy access to a wide assortment of products that range from chilled drinks to quick and easy ready meals that you can pop in the microwave. In order to keep these products enticing your employees and guests, though, a regular cycle for refilling and vending machine maintenance is necessary. By ensuring that professionals perform both at the right intervals throughout the year, you keep the machines operating properly and the products fresh and appetising. Also, this is the way to introduce new items.

Vending Machines Contain Various Mechanical Parts That Require Routine Maintenance

One reason that a regular cycle of vending machine maintenance is important is to keep the various mechanical parts of the machine in prime operating condition. Nothing is as aggravating for users of these machines as malfunctioning parts that prevent them from buying their snacks, drinks or meals easily. Users will quit purchasing products from the machines if they do not operate correctly, and you will lose money as a result.

Keeps the Vending Machine Experience Stress-Free

When you receive refilling and vending machine maintenance on a regular cycle, you can enjoy your vending machines in a stress-free manner. You have enough other tasks to tend to on a daily basis.

Vending Products May Have Expiration Dates

Refilling the machines on a regular cycle ensures that the products do not stay in the machines beyond their expiration date for one thing. The other advantage to this action is the fact that it keeps the supply of products up to the level of demand. People will always be able to find their favourite vending products, and you will keep your vending revenue coming in on a steady basis.

Vending Products Need Rotating to Keep the Interest of Your Employees and Guests

Your guests and employees will tire of the same products being in the vending machines all the time. When you make certain to hire a company that provides a regular cycle for refilling its machines, you can keep the users of these machines buying since you can change the products that are not selling for ones that the users enjoy or introduce new products to peak their interest.

Turn to Trend Vend Sydney to learn additional facts about why a regular cycle for refilling and vending machine maintenance matters. We provide quality vending machines at no upfront costs. Also, we maintain and refill the machines on a routine basis. You only pay for the products that sell. Enjoy having vending machines in your place in a stress-free fashion when you do business with us.