How Vending Machines Deliver a Unique Experience to Customers

Even though your employees keep asking for you to install vending machines in your establishment, you may be in a quandary about whether or not they are worth it. If you are, evidently, you know nothing about the easy plans that are available for these machines today along with numerous benefits. That is why we are here to explain how these machines deliver a unique, favourable experience to customers, especially when you deal with our company, Trend Vend Sydney.

The Vending Machines Are Free with No Upfront Cost

We provide you any quantity of vending machines that you require with no upfront cost. You pay only for the products that you sell. No risk ever with our plans. Also, no hidden stipulations since our agreements are in clear, plain terms.

You Can Choose from a Wide Assortment of Products

We provide a wide variety of snacks, drinks and ready meals for your considerations. Snacks include crackers, candy, chips and more while drinks are such ones as sodas, water, fruit juices and sports drinks. Ready meals offer nutritious meals that are microwaveable. Trend Vend also offers healthier snack alternatives upon request such as foods that are:

  • Preservative Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • MSG Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Free of all artificial flavours and/or colours
  • Trans Fat Free

*Note: With this wide selection of products, you can theme your selections in case you are a fitness centre, senior centre or health facility along with any other type of establishment.*

Our Company Offers a Refund Guarantee

Whenever there is an issue, we offer a 100-percent refund guarantee with no questions ever. Along with this, we offer public liability insurance and a Certificate of Currency.

Our Company Crew Follows a Regular Schedule for Refilling and Maintaining Your Machines

If you receive your vending machines from our company, we provide crews on a regular schedule to refill and maintain them. Also, we respond quickly to any calls for service in between these times. All as part of your free service with us for your machines. Remember, you only pay for the products as they sell.

All of Our Machines Accept a Variety of Payment Options

Another way that our customers receive a unique experience with vending machines is the fact that all of our machines accept a wide assortment of payment options including:

  • Coins
  • Notes
  • Credit Cards
  • Remote Monitoring System

For further facts about how vending machines deliver a unique experience to you and other customers, contact us when it is convenient. We will explain our machines, products and other pertinent information in detail.