Make Vending Machines Part of Your Employee Wellness Program

If you are in the process of developing an employee wellness program or already have one, you need to make one addition to it that you might not have thought of yet. We are talking about vending machines. Yes, this is right, these machines can be a viable part of your employees taking better care of their bodies to prevent illnesses and other health issues. Today, there are many more products available for these machines besides the traditional sweet treats of past years. We provide you examples of these healthier products in the following details.

Ready Meals Are Both Quick and Nourishing

Instead of your employees just grabbing sweet candy from the vending machine to keep them energised on a busy day, you can provide them with ready meals. These meals are quick to heat in the microwave and are full of nutrients that help the body. Traditionally, vending machines have been known for their junk foods, but this concept is changing quickly thanks in part, to ready meals.

Bottled Water Is a Choice for Vending Machines Today to Keep Your Employees Properly Hydrated

Another addition to your wellness program that vending machines can provide your employees is bottled water. Water is crucial to the body for numerous reasons and therefore, your employees should drink plenty of it each day. A vending machine keeps the water at the ideal temperature for it to be refreshing to drink.

Fruit Juice and Sports Drinks Are Other Healthy Options for Vending Machines

If your employees require additional vitamins during their day at work, they can opt for fruit juice from these machines. There may be times too that they may need to balance their electrolytes through enjoying a cold sports drink.

Health Foods and Snacks Keep Your Employees on Track with Their Wellness Goals

Health snacks and foods from the vending machines will help keep your employees on track with their wellness goals. Examples of these include baked chips and crackers in place of fried ones.

Snack Alternatives for Those With Special Preferences or Needs Also Are Available

You can also opt for snack alternatives that will satisfy those employees with special preferences or needs, including selections with such characteristics as:

  • No added MSG
  • Gluten free
  • Free of preservatives
  • No artificial colours or flavourings
  • No cholesterol
  • Free of trans fat

To learn additional facts about making vending machines part of your employee wellness program, consult with Trend Vend Sydney. We specialise in providing quality versions of these machines tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Let us explain the benefits of our machines and plans to you, and we are sure that you will realise that we are the company to supply them to your company.